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We, at Hickory Ridge believe in fresh, pure and organic ingredients for all of our products. If you can not eat it , we do not use it!
It is that simple for us.

We try to buy as many of our ingredients from local organic farmers, like our fresh fruits and
vegetables. With doing so, we reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Many of our ingredients come from all over our planet. Like our pure organic shea butter from Ghana, Africa. If we have to import an ingredient, we buy only from small organic company's to support local businesses and farmers in those country's.
A word about palm and coconut oils
All our oils come from organic farms who plant and harvest in harmony with nature.
We do not purchase any oils from environmental damaging monoculture plantations.

Our Production and quality standards

- Every single product we sell is handmade with love and care by ourselves, using only our very own recipes in our production facility in Florida.

- We never test any of our products on animals, but we do test them on ourselves, family and friends. Each new product undergoes intense testing, before you will find it in our store.

- We use only highest quality ingredients and we will never sacrifice quality for profit.

- Our packaging is always made from recycled or recyclable material.

- We print our labels on recyled paper with the use of soy ink.